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New Profile Posts

  1. Mister X
    Mister X T-ster
    Can I send you a .gif for my avatar. It's 34kb but I'm getting an error message saying it's over 50kb. If so how do I send it?
  2. glenn tipton
  3. Strangelove
  4. nakamichi
    nakamichi mihokm
    Hey Marian!
    I have a WM-D6C that has a issue with the recording funktion. Same time ago onef radiodelaler told that the problem ws a IC and hfe could not find that part. Is that something You could fix. Moreover the Walkman is great with new capstan ring and belts bougth from You.
  5. awindrider
    awindrider mihokm
    Hi Marian!

    I need two center gears, one for WM-F5 and one for WM-DC2.
    Do I need other parts, like belts, to finish the job?

    Where is the best place to buy these, Ebay or direct from you?

    Thanks Allan
  6. Davisi
    Davisi walkman archive
    Hi Hugo/Walkman Archive, first of all thanks for keeping the history/legacy of these wonderful little things alive! Secondly i have a question id like to see if anyone could help with about my WM-D6c thats having trouble receiving power. Sorry still kinda new here on the forum so im not sure if its ok to post it here or on some other group/subpage? Have a great day!
  7. DannyG
    Anybody know how to repair a wm-dd9 hinge?
  8. carlos alberto coutinho
    carlos alberto coutinho BoomboxMag
    hey grigos Rock Roll AC/DC from London Ingland the best.
  9. carlos alberto coutinho
  10. Viktor
    Interests: cassette players, tube radios, Bang&Olufsen vintage devices
  11. flash_the_84
    Tirelessly trying to fix my newly acquired WM-D6C!
  12. Jakub
    Where can I buy one-way tickets to Mars?
  13. flash_the_84
    Waiting for my D6C to arrive from the shipping company that's held it hostage for about 3 weeks now !
  14. sacguy231
  15. Boodokhan
    check your PM
  16. Boodokhan
  17. buzbox
    buzbox Boodokhan
    Basically I sent the wrong Walkman to this guy in Virginia. He is not willing to go to the post office to return it as I was the one who made the mistake.
  18. buzbox
    buzbox Boodokhan
    Can you help me out? Need someone in the US to organise a courier (fedex maybe) to pick up a Walkman from a buyer and have it sent back to me in Australia
  19. mike
    how do i add a new theard?
  20. mike