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Samples Elton John Rocket Man - Nautilus and Robert Craft - Cafe Society

Discussion in 'Cassettes & Mixtape exchange' started by James Tervit, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. James Tervit

    James Tervit Member

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    HI All,

    Firstly happy new year to everyone. I have posted two trackers on TPB with samples, I am not looking to make this available on Torrent, its just a way to distribute the samples.

    I am looking at selling/exchanging R2R or Cassette samplers on new tape, please download the samples and let me know if anyone is interested in purchasing or exchanging the samplers.

    The tape will all be new according to your deck

    I am doing this because there doesn't seem to be enough quality content out there for the old formats, especially now that we have high res digital, I find by transferring them to analogue tape they actually sound better.

    PM me if your interested and please be patient as I am very busy.


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