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I'd like to get a set of replacement caps for my 303 , i had to change 2 of them in the past because the sound got weak ,fortunately the 2 were near the battery housing , the ones i had found were to tall to fit so i put them horizontally in the...
hi folks, some of you might still remember me, i used to be around here quite often in the past - in my house i had some walls covered with shelves full of boomboxes, there were a few 100, most of'em are gone for long, but there's still about 30...
hey lads,the 555 i have has just started misbehaving-both decks were fine and dandy up until yesterday but all of a sudden the decks arent working right-but-both spools still turn fine and the cassette still plays,but its chewing if you leave the...    Such a shame but this guy...
I have been looking for a Sanyo M9998K (US MODEL) with no luck. I thought i would raise the stakes to bring one out the woodwork. Dialog me for more info. 
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