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This hideously cockeyed Phoenix 8362    
ASSORTED SIZE PACKS ...... SINGLE SIZE (3 nos) Packs or just a Single Belt(specify size) In 0.6/0.7mm and 0.9/1mmExtra thin 0.6/0.7mm square cut 20 belts assortment  have stretched dimensions from 44mm to 120mm. (approx 20-25mm dia to 80 dia)Thin...
  A close look at  the JJ series  from Sanyo.   from the full body JJ and the JJ ll to the small quarter JJ.  These early Sanyo walkmans are a great find!
.Usually I'm driving a V70 station wagon which runs on salad oil and/or diesel. Nevertheless my favorite one is a 60s 190db :Only driving in summertime,
Sony walkman repair services offer   Can repair cracked center gear issue common with Sony DD series, with the spit gear method, or add teeths to the gear method, using strong epoxy and CA- rated glue with primer...
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