Crummy Sellers List! add Urs ! Let's watch out for ea Other!

Smile Hey all!
Decided to start this thread,as rambo was involved in a dicey ebay deal and Tburick(Tom) actually had the idea,if we all pool our unfortunate experiences we can assure our bro's and sis's here on s2go won't rec Junk or get totally ripped off from buying from lousy less than honest sellers:
Here are My Two:
anyone care to post,pls feel free,Later!
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All the same scum bag. Using pianopapa as of 3/20/06

Represented Realistic 14-778A as "excellent condition" "everything works", etc.
Radio arrived with cassette deck non-funtional...and the MORON spray painted the speaker grills silver WITHOUT removing them...speakers underneath were soaked in heavy silver paint mixed with 20 years of dust...a horrible mess...+ many other issues with this unit. He has ripped off several other ebayers with junker boomboxes.
I politely asked for a refund and he used *lots* of profanity in his reply and refused to give me my money back. Filed claim with pay pal and eventually won. As payback, I shipped the unit back to him packed in *microscopically* shredded paper packed so tight, opening the box causes an explosive release of the paper, creating a terrible mess...yes, it's childish but it made me feel sooooooo much better! Big Grin

Forget to mention that I packed the boombox dead center in the middle of a *large* shipping box...this jerk had to dig through over 1.5 feet of the tightly compacted microscopically shredded paper to get the boombox out of the shipping box. I can just imagine what the room must have looked like after he got the radio out. I'll bet it looked like a paper factory exploded in his house. I am sure he is *still* cursing me...hee hee hee...I am such a bad boy Mad

Tom Smile
manofzion1 is the dude who just plain ignored me after I paypal'd him straight away for the Rising. The guy sucks. I'm in the process of trying to get my money back now.

fuchs1880 is the dude from Germany who I won a Sharp TV boombox off and took my money and never sent the box. He now ignores me. Unfortunately this guy ripped me off $200 and I ain't ever guna see it.
WOW I'm on there too,I guess I'm a sucky seller at Ebay,damn! I feel really bad!!!! Roll Eyes Roll EyesWhere did you get that list from???? It's a joke,there is lots of sellers I have bought from and never had any problems.As for my PayPal and feedback discrimination Yes I do because like everyone else I'm tired of getting F___cked over by looser lowlifes with no feedback bidding on my stuff and not paying for it.If that makes me a bad seller thats too F__cking bad.That list is BS!!!!
yes watch out for manofzion1 , i got burned by him too ! i sent payment through paypal and after numerous emails trying to find out what was going with my box i purchased and no response , i filed item not recieved dispute with paypal, he then turned around and sent item unpaid through ebay , which is silly because it shows item was paid for on paypal transactions , don't know whats gonna happen next but i hope i get my money back and positive feed back stays intact , looking for anyone with some knowledge or helpful info on subject , thanks John.
Frown Here's Another J.O.
Bought a rare Tranny Radio a Zenith Royal 275
From ddelby82128
Adv working,radio arrived Dead as a doornail! Frown
His pkg was nothing short of a Joke,He packed the radio in a white plastic bag from the supermarket,and shipped it in a old shoebox! Roll Eyes VERY VERY RETARTED! Mad Mad Mad
Avoid this Jerk!
PP Complaint filed,we'll see if i get satisfaction,Will be dropping a Neg on Him,otherwise!
Well, I don't know whether they've ever been a member here, but Mike Tuffley sold me my Conion c-100f. It arrived with a large molten section on top and a knob missing, also the circuit boards were cracked but that might be just poor freight handling. No matter how well you pack it, if it's dropped or thrown, it will be damaged.
Luckily Billbigcat gave me a replacement knob, and I have fixed the top with auto body filler, and it's close to passable now. Can't remember the seller's ebay name though. Sorry. Might have been tuffluv or something like that, it was a few years ago.
Sorry LED, I disagree on damage. Stuff gets shipped all over the world undamaged. If any one of us wants to send something and protect it enough, it will arrive safe and sound. I'm not referring to an obvious (a well packaged soccer ball can still end up on a deserted island Smile),
but I buy bulk rolled bubble wrap and if I wrap a radio so it has 4,5,6, or more layers of large bubble wrap it will arrive to you from me safely.

Like Jaradscottfla, I've had crap packageing done on expensive buys. I had a dufus send me a nice RX-DT707 thrown in a box with simply a few, and I mean few, pieces of broken stryofoam.
You guys all know the feeling of getting a box and inside its rattling?... well this baby was bouncing off the cardboard, and the box had been crushed to about 1/3 it normal size. There was more air in the box than anything else.But guess what? other than a hairline crack it arrived working. Lucky one for me. Had several that I have basically rec'd junk, due to packaging. Thats why I take pains to do the exact opposite.

A recent ebay feedback: most secure shipping I have ever seen, tape and bubbles galore.
Its all in what we want to do for others who have paid us for what we advertised to sell them. I respect that, most people I get stuff from do to, but the world has to have goobers and cheats and... (insert your favorite disparaging description here), otherwise we'd have no use for these words.

My Conion win
Hey all; just giving you a heads up to avoid this seller at all costs. I won this auction and paid immediately after he gave me the shipping price, then he writes me and tells me that he has dropped it and cannot send it.
I ask for pictures of the damage and he says he has no camera and is going out of town. He refunds my money. I re-pay and send him an email saying I want the radio even for parts and I find his phone number on another auction he has going so I call.

Well this goes on with him promising to send it to me until today he grows some balls and tells me he is not sending it as he no longer has it and says if I leave him bad feedback he will do the same to me!

He says that now that he has refunded my money(for the third time)he owes me nothing and I am SOL!

He may be right, but beware of this person, no honesty or integrity in him.

oh, abscor is his seller name
Hey James, check this out:

So I send that abscor seller the following message through Ebay:

Kind of funny that you mention in auctions that you aren't out to deceive anyone. Well, if that's true, then why did you deceive the winner of your Conion C-100F auction that you would actually honor the auction and send the radio to him after he paid for it?

Not very honorable......

He responds with this:

Noe wiggle, I do not know if you know this, but jameswp67 has sent me threats. Serious threats. When you send me a message right after he threatens me, it goes to safe harbor also, It is no joke. You can call me at 610-247-2560 if you do not believe me, but it goes under harrasment, especially when you team up like that. I have contacted my police department and ebay, I am filling a report with my police department, this is not a joke, you can call me at 610-247-2560, I am at my phone right now, Thank You, Al.

So, to clear things up, I responded with this:

I didn't threaten you dude..... sure sounds like you have a persecution complex though.

I am not teaming up on you, I simply read details regarding a recent transaction where you failed to live up to your end of the transaction- repeatedly.

You can call the president of the United States for all I care, just make sure you tell them you are a dishonest seller on Ebay.

The guy sounds like a fruitcake to me.....
FrownHere's a real idiot def to avoid Folks!
i started a thread on him and left him neg fb,he recipricated of course but couldn't let sleeping dogs lie!
He started sending me Nasty emails afterwards,which i fowarded on to safe harbor,we both were bidding on the same radio yesterday,He outbid me,sent me an email Gloating he intentionally bid up,then Intentially Retracted,just so i would have to pay more if i won!(He has NINE bid retractions in the last 6 months! what a total Loser!)
I fowarded these emails on to safe Harbor and notified the seller of the radio auction,he's also filing a complaint for improper bid retraction,maybe between him and me,peaktrezures,will finally get kicked off!
Let's all hope so!
Avoid this guy like the plague,and if u sell anything and G-d Forbid this jerk bids on it,
CANCEL his bid,otherwise u may live to regret it! Later All!
Frown Here u go Boys and Girls! another Jerk!
This creepo sold me a computer with no software,O/s.
I got the computer at least,i've heard from SIX
other ebayers,2 of which he outright STOLE their Money they Got NADA! Frown
I filed a complaint with PP,and to my amazement whatever BS he fed them,they belived it,! Mad Eek
These Stupid PP Geeks,said he accuratly described the computer,and DENIED my claim!
Also,Initially He was nice,contacted me right away and offered tech assistance,Then POOF! Vanished like a you know what in the wind! Big Grin Wink
He bascially told the others and me,to go jump in the lake! And his emails got REAL nasty when I dropped a Neg on HIM! Big Grin
The story WILL have a Happy ending,I refused to accept PP's "VERDICT!
I disputed this directly with my cc,and i will get a credit on my CC! Smile
My issuing Bank doesn't Like con artists and Hucksters,and i sent them copies of the emails he sent me,and those he sent to others that they fowarded to me,and were outrightly scammed!
Hopefully this Nut will be off ebay soon as well! In the meantime AVOID HIM!!!
AVOID This seller:
This guy is a Total scam!
I waited Nearly 5 weeks and filed complaints with ebay,he finally sent my item AFTER complaint was filed,(the item was a 1940's Rca Bakelite am/sw radio) He sent the radio with NO KNOBS,Pkgd it like a tart,and it of course arrived totally smashed! I took it straight to the dumpster,A total scammer! Frown
i have been conned very nicely by parttime22,he sells radios ,lots of holy grails with switched parts like speakers,buttons etc.Another crummy dealer with a very nasty way of communicating is danstealy on ebay.he shipped me a radio in a box with zero bubble wrap or styrofoam,just in a box and shipped.By the way he charged me $35 to have it shipped and all he spent at the post office parcel post was $6.75,that is a huge mark up just for shipping.Watch out for parttime 22,he will sell you the brooklyn bridge then run out on you.At this time i have a matsuki on Ebay selling it as described and trying to set an example for others,or at least the honest ones to follow.I have lost thousands this year and Ebay does nothing about it at all.It is up to us to look out for each other...
ok,here is rest of the info on partime22,that crappy/switcheroo seller of second rate equipment.His name is Terry D.Blake 6433 Duchess Ct.,Flushing,Michigan 48433,write or contact him or call him at 810-577-8709 or 810-232-6892.i have a little investigating going on right now,if anyone would like to add some information to what i have compiled discreetly email me at
Hey Guys let’s add starwars-shop to the list of rip off sellers.
He advertises goods as new sealed and genuine but sends out fakes copies which he has recorded of the TV.

When I asked for a refund he said no so I gave him a negative feedback and complained to eBay. He then sends me an e-mail to say if I withdrew my complaint he’ll give me my money back. When I didn’t he gave me a negative feedback.

I’m surprised eBay did nothing about this guys he get’s from 25 – 30 negative feedback every month. Have a look at his feedback record here

I for one never buy from anyone with more than 1 negative feedback now.
Hey all I just had a really annoying experience: I bid on this auction Technisonic
I paid the same day I won it and after 30 days with contact I finally went through paypal and opened a resolution. I gave the person a neg after at least 5 emails asking for a tracking number or at least a response. Paypal sent me a questionaire asking how they were doing so I asked about my case and they checked into it and resolved it in my favor immediately.

The person gives me a neg today saying that "although he received a full refund he still left a neg!" I did not even know I was getting a refund when I left the neg, but I should be able to as the seller stole my money! I only got it back from paypal not from him! He has 5 negs and a neutral in the "last month! All after my auction!Is there anything I can do to get mine removed?

Oh here is his feedback and ID:
elainesdad feedback
Wow,james that sucks! I had a deal with him about 6 months ago,i too had to wait awhile but i got my box,and it was PERFECT!
The pkg was Xclnt and i left him a pos,
i only pd 9.99 for mine a RECOR 4 band cass boomer,thanks to Jens,i found out it's made by Goldstar! Smile
Sorry your deal went south,it seems Elainesdad,has alot of trouble with proper communication and prompt delivary!
If Memory serves i think i waited 3-4 weeks...
Glad u got ur money back,from pp,thanks for the heads up,!
Originally posted by bklynboombox:
ok,here is rest of the info on partime22,that crappy/switcheroo seller of second rate equipment.His name is Terry D.Blake 6433 Duchess Ct.,Flushing,Michigan 48433,write or contact him or call him at 810-577-8709 or 810-232-6892.i have a little investigating going on right now,if anyone would like to add some information to what i have compiled discreetly email me at

I received a box from him (partime22)that came well packed and exactly as decribed (actually overall condition slightly better than described). Maybe he's turning over a new leaf...I see most of his negative feedback was quite some time ago...just an update. (maybe I got very, very lucky)

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