A UK sitcom that you might happen across while channel-surfing though the BBC channels, avoiding the adverts in what you were watching...
In episode 4.2 (this weeks episode of the new series), around 10 minutes in there's a full-screen shot of an old-skool b-box:

Can't make out the brand, but looking at the BBDB, it could be a Conic, Hunter, Sanwa (model numbers unknown) or any of many other AKAs, I'm sure. It's close to the Candle JTR1250. The Twin LEDs above the deck & the bent deck-keys guard make it easy to identify.
Strangely on the TV show, the b-box has the bass & treble turned all the way down Confused It's switched to FM (AFC on) & the antenna has wire attached to the end of it.
Best thing: it's playing John Peel Smile
Got all the 3Ds now - I think. I will take pics someday...promise!
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good investigation...!

it is definitely a

cap 10-10 IBBN 7-10840

cause of the label`s shape...

candle-jtr1250 IBBN 7-04531
conic-unkn2 IBBN 7-00186
hunter-unkn1 IBBN 7-05762
inno-unkn3 IBBN 7-10547
sanwa-7078 IBBN 7-02878
sanwa-7178 IBBN 7-01356
tectronic-unkn4 IBBN 7-03948
tokyo-hunter IBBN 7-05939