Hi. Few weeks ago i got in my collection this huge and heavy JVC .has radio,twin tape decks,six cd changer,3D sub and LE (life concert sound).Also five band eq with sub slider.Very loud and quality heavy sound. The part i liked is you can turn it up to the MAX and still clean sound. WHAT DO YOU THINK ?
Jens,please post a pix...


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PC-x1000j portable, 6-disc changer, dual auto reverse, 20-presets, remote
Sorry JVC,it`s not in the base.
I found just this review:

Music Box Boom boxes aren't just for street corners. Though it's a bit too big and power-hungry to haul around, the JVC PCX1000 Portable Component System ($750) is suitable for summer homes and outdoor social events. Combining a six-disc CD changer, digital AM/FM tuner, auto-reverse double cassette deck, and detachable speakers, it can provide your summer soundtracks in almost any music format. It even has a remote. If they could just find a place for the bottle opener and ice maker. . ..

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The JVC PCX-1000 is manufactured from 1990 to unknown.(manuals bible)
I might as well mention this now----

I have been collecting JVC service manuals with the intent of eventually scanning them all in and providing them for free to members of S2G. (Or possibly for a small donation directly to S2G to support the site) It is a huge project and despite finding good deals I have probably spent $1000 already. I will be happy to scan in this service manual for you, but at 105 pages (not counting fold-outs!)it is one of the largest ones I have so it might take a while before I can get to it.
I don't have that info available right here... And our bathroom scale is not very accurate anyway. (I am sure someone knows these numbers) But I will see what a C100F weighs when I get a chance (without a tape door though!) and what my newly arrived M90 weighs. However to be fair one would have to add in the weight of the batteries to make it portable because the Aiwa has the rechargable batteries built-in.
Very cool manual and Scan Spud,thanks for the flashback!!! Big Grin
Yes... That is the one my friend had back in the early 90's. I was going to buy one too,but I ended up getting a Sony CFD-770.
I should have bought the JVC. Frown
But My wife and I decided on the Sony because it was was more portable. Nod Yes
Originally posted by Retro Addict:
Woah.. Who in their right minds would carry 20kg of radio about? Confused Unless you're built like Arnie, carrying it around with you would be rather painful and tiring.

How heavy's the C-100F, and the M90? I'm just interested... Smile

i would carry it. Big Grin
Originally posted by jvc:
Hi. Yes Skippy you were better off with the JVC. Live Effect on PC-X1000 sounds GREAT !

I know,but I got to hear the PC-X1000 and the CFD-770 side by side,and I thought the Sony sounded a little better and it took batteries so I could take it outside too,even though I never used batteries in it anyhow. So I went with the Sony. If I know what I know now I would have bought the JVC Wink
Very nice system!I would love to have one.Is it a boombox though?

1.Tuner :Yes
2.Built in amp and volume/tone
control(s). :Yes
3.Built in or attachable speaker(s)
(must be functional with speaker(s)
attached. :Yes
4.Must at least play some form of
recorded media and/or have built
in docking station for a player. :Yes
5.Runs on batteries. : No
6.Handle or carry strap mounts. : (?)

This looks to me to be a shelf system with attachable speakers.It's too bad current day shelf systems don't give you the option to attach the speakers.I have a JVC PC-XC70 (10 disc changer) which is actually a boombox.It's an amazing sounding box!With its extra power I can only imagine how much better a PC-X1000 would sound!
Oooh, nice machine.

Not a boombox - the lack of battery power puts it out of the running. More a "transportable" or shelf system.
Those are some serious power outputs, I'll bet it kicks.
All the JVC Hyper Bass stuff I ever heard was all very "grown-up" sounding, with thier internal Acoustic Super Woofer inside the main unit. Very nice & a credit to the JVC brand.

In a sort-of related issue, I have a question:
Am I correct in assuming the JVC "Super Bass Horn" stuff didn't have the extra acoustic super woofer?
If so, how did the super bass horn system work on the 3pc units? was it just bass reflex loading on the speaker units?
Hi. 3D has a separate subwoofer not related with det.speakers.Sub sound is deep and clean ALL THE WAY. No rattling or funny noises.Sub has a separate enclosure inside the unit dampened so won't transmit vibration to the main body.Indeed ,lots of quality parts in this unit...
You have to own one to understand.
Originally posted by 71spud:
The X1000 is rated down to 16HZ Eek

That is pretty substantial... Nod Yes

That's the freq response of the CD player which is typical. That isn't the freq response of the amp or the speakers. It would be awesome if it was though.
Originally posted by Panabox:
Originally posted by 71spud:
The X1000 is rated down to 16HZ Eek

That is pretty substantial... Nod Yes

That's the freq response of the CD player which is typical. That isn't the freq response of the amp or the speakers. It would be awesome if it was though.
If the bass was rated at 16hz, I think the chances are you wouldn't hear it. I heard somewhere that humans can only hear sounds above 30hz or so. Can someone clarify this?