SONY WM-EX9 Colourful Walkman. Working.

I'm offering a retro SONY EX-9 Walkman. It is one of the most special walkmans ever made, thanks to it's special painting, specially developed by SONY for this anniversary model.


SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Vender B 02

This painting has the *unique* ability to change its color, from blue-purple to orange, through green or pink. It's really awesome to view the color changing in your hand. No other walkman has this feature.


SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Colourful 07SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Colourful 08

SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Colourful 09SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Colourful 10

SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Colourful 11



 SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Vender B 03

 SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Vender B 04

 SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Vender B 05

 SONY Walkman WM-EX9 Vender B 06


It has the following features:

- Unique multi-color painting.
- Auto-reverse
- Dolby B Noise reduction*
- MegaBASS/Groove*
- Normal-CrO2/Metal auto selector
- AVLS system
- Full metal body.
- Very slim and light.
- Made in Japan
- Serial no.: X58777

* NOTE: you will need the remote to access this functions. Not supplied.

STATUS: FULL WORKING: It works with a gumstick battery and 1 AA (with the external compartment supplied.

Cosmetically the unit is very good condition. It just has many very very small scratches, only seen through specular reflection, and one barely visible in normal conditions. It has two small dents: one in front, one rear. They are not normally seen unless you put a reflection over it.

Head, rollers and capstan are in great condition, showing few wear only. They have been carefully cleaned.


INCLUDES:  What you see in the pictures + external battery compartment + a brand new gumstick battery.

Contact me by private dialog (click my username and then 'Start dialog' on the right area of my user profile) or PM if you are interested. Or go here:


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