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New Profile Posts

  1. carlos alberto coutinho
  2. Navpers
    Good day today :) Bought a Clairtone 20/20 for 65 bucks ......woohoo !!
  3. Nak D
    Nak D
    Been worse
  4. nickeccles
    nickeccles Oldschoolfool
    Hi Dave!

    Yes I do have the speakers still, I would have to find them though............give me a call anytime 01903 418238 or 07818 816435!

    1. Oldschoolfool
      Hi nick, nice one!
      Could you let me know once you do please?
      How much roughly would you sell them for?
      Feb 2, 2017
    2. Oldschoolfool
      My number
      Feb 2, 2017
  5. Oldschoolfool
    Oldschoolfool nickeccles
    Hi nick, just read a post on the silver500l where you've mentioned you've a spare one. Do you have the speakers still? Wouldn't like to sell them?
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  6. corry
    corry Radio Raheem
    I start with one € !!! I don't make the prices !!!
  7. Navpers
    Thanks everyone for showing interest In my Clairtone 7979 .......might just keep er :)
  8. Big Bad John
    Big Bad John
    Got Three ghetto blasters now, two by Hitachi (TRK 3D50E and TRK 3D88E), one by Sharp (WQ-T484E). the Philips D8304 is a bin or charity job
  9. luke55
    Now the Sony wm dx100....works a treat...such a big powerful sound...all functions work....but beware the ribbon...
  10. luke55
    This Sony...came to me from eBay $35..inside cassette cage was all bent up...the gears would not move...and the belt...what belt!
  11. luke55
    Got a whole lot of new belts...now we see who's alive, barely breathing or dead.. Sony wm dx100.. taking this one with me when I leave..
  12. Risingsunproject
    When you make plans god laughs at you!
  13. Risingsunproject
    Risingsunproject T-ster
    Tster i just donated pity 15 usd do i get with that amount that cool sign or i have to do something more?
  14. George
  15. Ω SK-95
    Ω SK-95 Brutus442
    Hey Geoff. How goes everything? Quick question. Do you know which PC55 supposedly has better base? Is it the silver one or the black one? Or is there no difference? Cheers. Tony.
    1. Brutus442
      Hi Tony!
      Everybody swears the 55 has better bass but TBH the stats say the speakers are identical. I can't really hear the difference but the speakers do have aslightly different profile when held side by side.

      I think it's all in their heads myself...
      Jan 13, 2017
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  16. T-ster
    It's your turn to turn the tape over...
  17. autoreverser
    autoreverser Kin
    hey Kin, great photo-shop you made there - are you up for some fun for the 1st. of april ?

    if yes, I can mail you a few good pics from the boxed Goldstar TSM-33 (1st. TPS-L2 clone) and you redesign it into a Nakamichi- player ?
    I'm thinking about something like "Nakamichi FIREFLY ;-)

    This would mix up this crowd here nicely, especially Hugo !
    1. Kin
      Sure! You can mail me at kin@rednose.nl.
      Not intended to being offtopic btw, just a little post fun. ;)
      Jan 5, 2017
  18. autoreverser
    autoreverser walkman archive
    hey hugo - sorry i'm late - as you can see i got it right - was some kind of trouble with my macbook, it's solved :-)

    hey, as for John Edwards - please have good old LITFAN in our hall of fames, too !
  19. funkitall
    Got to love a Walkman.....or 5
  20. autoreverser
    autoreverser T-ster
    matey, I startet a TPS-L2- clone gallery in the wrong (bbx) forum - please move it to the Walkman- departement ;-)